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Welcome to TMMA Farms and Sanctuary!

We are a full working farm and sanctuary. We have been raising alpacas and llamas for over 15 years.  We also have been rescuing livestock for 15 years and specialize in special needs alpacas and llamas and occasionally bring in other livestock.  We are now a 501C3 organization and focus on rescue and our sanctuary animals full time.

​We do offer educational tours to our farm to teach people about raising livestock properly, working farms, raising alpacas and llamas and our rescues. We also educate the public about alpaca and llama fleece and it’s useable fiber.   We do close our farm to tours in the summer. It’s just too hot for our animals so we normally book tours from mid September through the end of May.

Our farm store is the last stop of our tours and is always filled with everything made from alpaca fleece from scarves, mittens, gloves, sweaters, yarn to unique one of a kind gifts all with alpaca and llama lovers in mind!

There are so many wonderful pet rescues but we have learned there are not enough livestock rescues and even less special needs livestock rescues.  We feel with our knowledge of livestock and alpacas and llamas along with our super vet and our farm, we can offer guidance, support and forever homes for our special needs cases.

Please, no pets and closed toed shoes are highly recommended since it is a walking tour on the farm.

Please also see our website for special open houses and fundraisers, there is usually something going on!



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Farm tour, Alpaca walking experience, Alpaca adoption program, Farm shop, Photography sessions, Private tours and events